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Havo/vwo: How to write a good essay?

By an essay we mean a reflection or an argument. It is important to be able to write a good essay, and the skill you train with it is a skill for life. In many studies, an essay or an essay comes into play a lot, and it is also an exam item in high school. Many pupils and students have a great fear of writing an top essay writing service: strict teachers judging by their own opinions, the subjectivity of it and the chance of blackouts. Fortunately, writing an essay is not just about "talent"; there are a number of things an essay must meet that will guarantee you a passing grade.

The assignment on the test or exam

On every test or exam you are given the opportunity to choose between an argument or an essay. Sometimes you can also write your own story, which gives you a lot of freedom in the structure and use of language. For example, you could write a story about a Chinese boy who comes to study in the Netherlands and has to get used to our culture.

On most tests and exams you are given a number of topics with underlying information in an appendix. You can then choose one of those topics to write about. The handy thing about this is that you already have a small source of information. Sometimes, however, no topics are given. If you are not sure, always ask a teacher for advice.

The assessment

If you have written an essay, and you have ultius incorporated all the requirements of an argument (own opinion, enough arguments), you have kept to the rules of the appearance of the essay and you have shown that you understand the subject (and thus have not written utter nonsense), a teacher should give you a 5.5. If you also have a good sentence structure, a nice vocabulary and few spelling mistakes, you are already heading for a higher grade. What also counts for a high grade is whether you keep the reader in the text, you show that you are aware of the topicality of a subject and you have a well-founded conclusion.

If you disagree with the grading or the grade of your essay, you always have the right to a second proofreader. Another teacher will then grade your essay again (read this in your school- or exam regulations). Please note that the second assessment counts. When the grade is lower because of the second assessment, it cannot be raised back to what it was before.

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